"Liú, recreated by a subtle and confident María Katzarava, with clean high notes, was another of the evening´s triumphs"

El Periodico de Catalunya, August 2016


"Maria Katzarava´s Liù was truly outstanding. A complete artist, with an attractive tone and sensitive phrasing, she seeks to nuance every word with real control. She has an innate stage presence."

Platea Magazine, August 2016


"Maria Katzarava´s Liù won the audience over with her quality, talent and personality. Her pianissimos are solid and well resolved."

ABC, August 2016


"The festival had a top notch vocal christening thanks to Maria Katzarava´s moving Liù, in a traditional theatrical version."

El País, August 2016


"Magnificent, with an intense and characterful voice, Maria Katzarava´s Liù broke the ice during the first act with the applause for Signore ascolta."

La Vanguardia, August 2016


"The Mexican Maria Katzarava was the big discovery of the evening, with a voice which was totally suited to the extremely delicate and charming personality of Liù, who has the most emotionally charged parts of the opera, beginning with the aria in the first act and especially in the third act, with the romantic intervention of the aria which precedes “Tu che di gel sei cinta”, which is extremely and unbelievably moving. Katzarava easily hurdled the challenges of the score, which demands continuous pianissimi and messa di voce, suggesting that she is currently one of the best prepared sopranos for this type of repertoire."

Revista Musical Catalana, August 2016


"The Mexican singer´s debut in the role of Liù could not have been more brilliant. Her delicate singing was full of nuance and she had great dramatic weight on stage, making the most out of all her appearances in the three acts."

Docenotas, August 2016


"Maria Katzarava´s Liù was memorable, with her profoundly delicate phrasing. It was obvious that this role fits her vocal tessiture and dramatic temperament like a glove."

Recomana, August 2016


"Maria Katzarava´s Marguerite unleashed a battle between the forces of love and evil; her high notes are meaty, radiant and seductive; her presence swings between a childlike purity and a feminine generosity. The Mexican soprano gives us a heroine who is a moving as she is exemplary..."

Le Temps, June 2016


"Maria Katzarava´s Marguerite was a welcome surprise. Winner of the Plácido Domingo Prize in 2008 and a soprano with a great register and with refined high notes, we were lucky enough to see and appreciate her in her great scenes. A magnificent choice!", June 2016


"Marguerite had excellent vocal and dramatic quality, sung by the radiant and moving voice of Maria Katzarava"

Le Courrier, June 2016


"Maria Katzarava´s rich and dense tone is not that of an ingénue, but her voice is infinitely moving"

Gauchebdo, June 2016


"The Mexican soprano Maria Katzarava gave us an impressive Marguerite, with marvellously energetic and elegant singing, disciplined and with passionate expression. Her excellent French pronunciation as well as her careful respect for the style further enhanced her performance. A vocally flawless interpretation of a role of great difficulty"

Opera OnLine, June 2016


"The most interesting element in the new cast, which was very different from that which had been advertised at the beginning of the season, was the Mexican soprano Maria Katzarava..., who blossomed vocally from the second act. Her voice is fresh and secure in its projection, thanks to a very attractive tone which will undoubtedly take her very far in her career"

Marcelo Cervelló / ÓPERA ACTUAL, March 2016


"The Mexican soprano Maria Katzarava lent Desdemona her dense and rich tone, sensual and luminous, which is perfect for the wife of the Moor; the first duet was marvellous “Già nella note densa” which she performed with an infinite number of nuances. She also has mastery of magnificently differentiated phrasing, with gorgeous piano in the willow aria, as well as a tear-jerking Ave Maria"

Emmanuel Andrieru / Qlassiquenews, January 2016


"The Mexican soprano with Georgian roots, Maria Katzarava, outshone the rest of the cast in her debut at the Liceu. Hers is a generous instrument, lyrical, full-bodied and with attractive dark overtones, a homogeneous register, secure high notes, a fleshy centre. She knew how to shine every time she sang and ended the fourth act with a flawless willow song and a convincing and technically irreproachable Ave Maria"

Jordi Maddaleno / Platea Magazine, Spain, January 2016


"Maria Katzarava´s young, fresh voice and wide tessitura made for a Desdemona that was as delicate as she was characterful. Her dynamics were generous and well executed and her phrasing was spontaneous and expressive, very rich from a theatrical point of view. She always moved with conviction and her tone stood out both in the quartet and the septet, always measuring her strength and applying beautiful colours to her voice. As with the first cast, Desdemona prevailed here"

Pablo Meléndez-Haddad / ABC, Spain, January 2016


"Maria Katzarava, was a first rate Violetta: with fiery stage presence, vibrant, passionate and effective..."

L'Ape musicale, Italy, Decembre 2015


"María Katzarava made her debut in Oviedo as Amelia d'Egmont, a complex role both from a dramatic as well as a vocal point of view, which Katzarava attacked with severity, ease in the high notes and a tone with a very definite dramatic colour in the middle register of her voice."

El Comercio, Spain, December 2015


"The surprise for the audience was the Mexican soprano María Katzarava, at Campoamor for the first time. Her Amelia d'Egmont had a huge dramatic presence, which she added to by building the role with a voice which is blessed with an especially fortunate tessitura both in the high notes and in the middle, with breadth of emission, and a tone with beautiful dramatic accents. Quite a discovery!"

La Nueva España, Spain, December 2015


"The Mexican soprano Katzarava, who was making her debut, was perfect for the role. She had beautiful colour, clear diction, a wide range of shading and, above all, stage presence which eclipsed the rest of the cast. We will have to follow "la Katzarava" from now on as she has a great career ahead of her."

Pablo Siana Blog, Spain, December 2015


"María Katzarava in the role of Amelia was the best thing of the evening[...] in a very demanding role musically, with its high notes, but also in the way it constantly goes back to an uncomfortable medium and low register, always very risky for a soprano of these characteristics to control, yet Katzarava managed without problems"

Opera World, Spain, December 2015

"Maria Katzarava has performed a Liù worth to be remembered. With her voice, she earned a standing ovation that embraced the hole stage"


"That which remains, nonetheless, an honest voice... is Maria Katzarava's Liù: moving and histrionic both her singing and her overcome movements, she deserves a podium of honor just for herself"


"Maria Katzarava's Liù belongs to a refined singer, a pure voice with an infallible technique: outstanding"


The suggestive interpretation of Maria Katzarava's Liù, shined with her voice and her personality dominated the scene at all times.


Maria Katzarava non ha la voce di un’innocente ragazzina ma quella di una donna coraggiosa. Canta Je dis que rien ne m’épouvante con una bella prestanza. È una voce che rassicura. Non temiamo niente per lei. Saprà affrontare i venti e le tempeste. Maria Katzarava ha saputo sedurre con un bellissimo timbro che rende credibile la giovinezza del personaggio e un colore scuro che caratterizza una certa maturità. Ha meritato pienamente l’ovazione del pubblico alla fine dello spettacolo.

By Brigitte Maroillat

Sin duda, la noche fue de Katzarava. Ella se impone vocalmente como una consumada artista de nivel internacional, idiomática, con dominio completo de su instrumento, agudos vibrantes y una musicalidad que me hizo recordar a la gran soprano española Victoria de los Ángeles. Sólo con su famosa aria “Je veux vivre” despertó la ovación de los asistentes.

Gabriel Rangel. Periódico “El Norte”.

Apoyan a nuevas generaciones de ópera y nuevos públicos

“La soprano Maria Katzarava, quien realiza el papel de Julieta en la obra Romeo & Julieta, impartió una master class para alumnos de la Facultad de Música de la UANL como parte del programa Opera Nuevo León, reafirmando su compromiso por realizar una labor didáctica para apoyar a las nuevas generaciones y formar nuevos públicos.

Durante más de cuatro horas la maestra estuvo frente a un nutrido grupo de estudiantes, muchos de ellos que tuvieron la oportunidad de pasar a interpretar una pieza con el acompañamiento al piano de Abdiel Vázquez.

En su oportunidad cada uno de los estudiantes cantó y luego se sometió a una evaluación de parte de la maestra Maria Katzarava. En ésta ella resaltó sus cualidades, ya que todos compartían un talento innato, pero también les señaló sus áreas de oportunidad y les dio consejos para lograr un canto mucho más refinado.

Es muy importante para mí tener este tipo de experiencias porque es la oportunidad de conocer las voces mexicanas del futuro y nos da la oportunidad de estar en contacto con ellos y poder ofrecerles las herramientas para que les sea más fácil el camino en el futuro porque la voz es un instrumento muy complicado y que merece toda la atención.”

Lilia Reyes, Regio, México 2014.


"... Un bel timbro e da un grande temperamento che le ha permesso di padroneggiare la scena dando vita ad una credibilissima Nedda ."

AlbusPuglia 2014, Italy.


Una Nedda di intensa tenerezza è Maria Katzarava

Franco Chieco/ Contrapunto 2014, Italy.


Fin dalla prima recita è risultata particolarmente fruttuosa la combinazione fra una voce timbrata dolce e sensuale e una tecnica d'emissione così ben rifinita da permettere alla Katzarava di abbandonarsi all'edonismo di un canto dal pathos caloroso ed emozionante.

Ape Musicale. José Noé Mercado. Messico 2014.


"Mexican soprano Maria Katzarava was a stunning Violetta. Her interpretation here in South Florida of Gounod's Juliette and Donizetti's Lucia have revealed her acting and singing talents. With Verdi's heroine, she outdid both of her previous performances. Katzarava sings Act I with an interesting bit of vulgarity in her voice and demeanor: her 'Sempre libera' was a jewel, full of brashness and challenge. One heard her voice transform in the following act, as she sang of her suffering. In a marvelous final act, the spasms in Katzarava's voice made the audience share her pain and death in a powerful way."

OPERA NEWS. Miami 2013


Tra i cantanti, splendide le prove del soprano Maria Katzarava (Elvire)

La repubblica. Italia 2013.


Veniamo alle esecuzioni vocali: perfetta la Elvira del soprano messicano Maria Katzarava

Gianfranco Scavuzzo. Italia 2013.


"The Mexican soprano Maria Katzarava made a deeply affecting Juliette, giving an impassioned, gorgeously sung performance that would by itself made the production a success"

David Flesher. Classical review. Miami 2012.


The title roles were suitably cast with young singers. The 27-year-old Mexican soprano Maria Katzarava appeared as Juliette. Her power and technique were impressive, and she charmed with the subtlety of her phrasing.

Nicolas Blanmont. Switzerland 2011.


"Her replacement for the last two performances, an even younger Mexican soprano called Maria Katzarava could go a lot further. Niftier negotiating the small notes of 'Je veux vivre' and singing far better, French, hers is a surprisingly substantial lyric soprano, shot with silver ( like many of the great French coloraturas ) and technically very sound. At only 26, there is immense promise here. "

OPERA. Hugh Canning. London 2010.


Among the women Mexican- born Maria Katzarava emerged the winner with a stunning performance of - Amour ranime mon courage - from Gounod's Romeo et Juliette.

La scena musicale. Quebec 2008.


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